What Our Freelancers Say

I enjoy working with Diskusija because of the fun and varied projects I get to work on. The atmosphere of trust and flexibility, the personal approach, and support I get from the PM team is great.


Frealance translator. Poland


The process of translation often involves solving different problems and overcoming various difficulties. Knowing there is a team of competent PMs that are genuinely interested in helping you overcome any obstacles is extremely helpful. In addition to that, Diskusija's invoicing system is not only transparent and simple to use, it is also a great time saver. Needless to say - payments are always on time.


Freelance translator. Republic of Serbia


I have worked with various project managers at Diskusija on different projects, and all of them have been courteous and professional, have responded quickly to my questions, and have made the work smooth and enjoyable. I always get a sense of quality and dedication in everything that comes my way, and I greatly appreciate that!


Freelance translator. USA


Diskusija's project managers are always ready and willing to solve any problem – whether it is deadline or finance related.


Freelance translator. Czech Republic

Diskusija is one of my favorite companies to work with. The PMs are very experienced and professional, but always up for a laugh or some friendly communication. They are also very respectful and have a collegial attitude towards their vendors, and I always felt like they accepted my opinions and appreciated my feedback on every project we worked on together. Their project management system, XTRF, is very user-friendly and invoicing is totally hassle-free as well. I can't recommend working with them enough!


Freelance translator. Hungary


There are two things I like most about working with Diskusija. The first is their great Vendor Portal, which makes tracking and delivering projects and issuing invoices a breeze. I have everything I need in one place. It's really the best system I've ever used. The second – and, in fact, most important – thing is their great staff. Everybody is effective and professional. And just a little bit more friendly than usual, something like best colleagues in a workplace.


Freelance translator. Hungary


"Diskusija is a reliable and trustworthy client. During our collaboration, I have gained diverse experience with different and exciting projects – recently, I even had the opportunity to participate in a training seminar in Brussels. I look forward to our continued cooperation."


Freelance translator. Latvia

I have been cooperating with Diskusija on a daily basis for more than 5 years. They are really reliable and professional. Very interesting projects and straightforward processes. Timely payments. I strongly recommend cooperation with them.


Freelance translator. Slovakia

I have worked with Diskusija for many years now and am completely satisfied with our collaboration. Their instructions and procedures are clear, the job management system is easy to use and project managers are just wonderful! They are always there when you need help, asking for and appreciating your opinion, and having a good impact on the quality of translations. 


Freelance translator. Estonia

Love this company - they believed in me in the start of my career as a translator and we have been working together for around 15 years. They always have new, different jobs to offer so you can't get bored. And friendly staff is always ready to help no matter what the problem may be.


Freelance translator. Lithuania